Signal service


The Forex market offers opportunities for which it is a matter of time to be converted into real money. But it is not only the Forex market that provides these opportunities. For this reason, we provide signals not only for the Forex, but also for the Commodity and Indexes markets.

We know how to combine assets, to understand which one has been underestimated and which one – overestimated through a system tested over time – first on the Forex market, then it was tested and was proven to meet our expectations on the Commodity and Indexes markets.

Our objective with the signal service for the Forex, Commodity and Index markets is to synergize your needs with our knowledge and experience to achieve results which make you feel satisfied and happy. For this reason, we offer a guarantee for the Standard Service signal packages – 200 pips, because we know how important investment security is.


Yes, we offer the clients who have purchased the Standard Signal Service Package a 200 pips guarantee. Ever since we have been providing our services, we have the opportunity to communicate with people of more than 160 nationalities. It is not origin that matters, rather that thing called security. We offer a monthly security to our clients through a profit guarantee.


There are many benefits arising from following the signals, the most important of which are emotion-stripped trading, quick taking of the right decisions, big returns.

  • guarantee 200 pips. money back guarantee
  • average 1460 pips per month, up to 2400 pips per month
  • highly profitable signals up to 80 % - 90 %
  • forex, commodity, indexes market signals
  • signals send via email, sms, trade copier