Strategy product


Manual trading is based on market strategies and it involves human decision-making for trading entry and exit. The manual trading strategy is a set of analyses which a Forex day trader uses to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any given time. Each strategy developed by Forexspecs has clear rules for market entry and exit and constant profit as its underlying principles. The strategies we have developed for you are proven in time and through them we share with you the way in which we provide our Signal service. Here they are:

  • Newswer strategy:   Forex strategy based on playing in response to fundamental Forex market news
  • Flow strategy:  Forex strategy based on the correct and profitable play using the Elliott wave principle
  • Motion strategy: Market strategy based on natural market laws and principles related to Forex, Commodity and Index market

Know-how or Earn-how

Each active trader needs a continually winning strategy. We do not offer a perpetuum mobile for profiteering on the global financial markets, nor anything unique. We show you the way in which we win so that you start reaping immediate profits. We know how precious time is. So do we know that synthesizing the contents of more than 120 books for trade on the financial markets into short and easy-to-understand strategies will cost you time. Success on the financial markets is not about being unique but, rather, about winning right now.


The strategies are the road and map to earnings on the global financial markets. With the use of the right strategy on the Forex, Commodity or Index markets, every single person can start fulfilling his/her dreams. The strategies aim to provide:

  •  a solution for beginning and professional traders
  •  generation of reliable Market signals
  •  clear-cut rules for successful trade