Programming service


The coding service entails the creation of metatrader scripts, indicators, expert advisors in line with the requirements of our clients. A team of software developers has been in charge of developing the МТ4/МТ5 software, having completed more than 150+ quotes. The goal of our software developers is to transform your idea into a profitable metatrader software.

  • create expert advisor based on your trading rules
  • design custom indicator that better fit your style
  • implement script that help you manage your trading


We develop your ideas and strategies into ready-to-use metatrader products for more efficient trade on the world markets. We do not offer standard metatrader software because we want you to feel special by ordering your own unique product. Designing a metatrader quote passes through several phases: receipt of a strategy, draw-up of a design, its software development, finished product testing. Several aspects and conditions of Forexspec's coding service are unique and they are all directly related to you

  • fixed prices of metatrader coding service
  • fixed time for develop  10 business days
  • individual advices in development


The efficient and continuously profitable trade on the Forex, Commodity and Index markets concerns directly the use of an auxiliary extra metatrader software which ensures:

  • ability to backtest, analyse market, faster order entry speed
  • achieve consistency, diversify trading, more accuracy trades
  • minimized emotions, preserve discipline, more free time