Programming asked questions

What is metatrader expert advisor?

It is an automatically Forex program which helps to trade and control the trades. These advisors are running on the computers and based on fixed or flexible trade logic that help traders and investors to resolve and decide whether to sell or buy a certain foreign currency.

What is metatrader indicator?

It is a technical indicator written independently in addition to those already integrated into the client terminal. Like built-in indicators, they cannot trade automatically and are intended for implementing of analytical functions only.

What is metatrader script?

It is a program intended for a single execution of some actions. Unlike Expert Advisors, Scripts are not run tickwise, but on request.

How do I order the metatrader software (expert advisor, indicator, script) I want?

There is an order form to complete. You have to describe the strategy or method the software should follow in this form.

What stages does my order go through?

First, our programmers process the information received from you. If you have failed to include a description or the description you have provided is incomplete, we will send you an email with questions. Then, the software’s programming will begin according to the parameters you have set.

How long does it take to prepare the metatrader software (expert advisor, indicator or script)?

We normally need 10 business days to make, test and deliver the software to you.

How is the metatrader software delivered?

Directly to your email.

How do I install the metatrader software?

Upon delivery of the finished metatrader software, we will provide you with installation instructions and the standard settings you have ordered.

Does the price vary depending on the complexity of the metatrader software ordered?

It does not vary. The prices are fixed for each individual order. Thus, you do not have to worry about the final product’s price.

Is there any guarantee for the product ordered (expert advisor, indicator, script)?

The guarantee for every product we deliver by your request comes down to the product working according to the parameters you have set. Prior to sending it you, the software goes through 3 tests. This is our and your guarantee that we have done our job and that you will receive the software you have ordered.

Why do you not offer ready-made metatrader expert advisors, indicators or scripts?

It is easier to automate your strategy than find an automated product that you can fully trust. This is why we offer only this service, without any ready-made products. Because we know that every trader must have the freedom to choose.

Do you have a service to optimize ready-made metatrader software?

We do not offer this service yet. We hope to offer it in the near future.

I received the software, but it does not work. What should I do?

See the installation instructions. Follow the instructions strictly. If it does not work after a correct installation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are the expert advisor, indicator and script products you program used only on the FOREX market?

We advise out clients to use expert advisor only on the FOREX market. Indicators and scripts may be used on every market – FOREX, Commodities and Indexes.

Can I get my money back after receiving the software?

No, we cannot give you your money back after you receive the software. The software is made according to your personal wishes and judgment. In the event that we are unable to prepare the metatrader software you require, we will return your money to you.

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