Analysis testimonials

John Pears, United Kingdom

" I have subscribed this week to your Standard Analysis package. I am amazed from accuracy of analysis, how they happen. I really grateful that with earnings, i learn what stays behind market. Thank you a lot."

Dar Yin, Malaysia

" I follow XAU analysis the most of Specs Analysis package. Loss or win is not matter, gain experience is the most valuable. I wish thanks to this man. I estimate each analysis and knowledge I take."

Angela Fore, USA

" I initially tried the Standard Signal Service via text. In the first month, I earned nearly 1,240 pips. I decided to invest in analyses for a month, while continuing to use the Signals Service. The result was a bit higher than the previous month. It is not the profits that give me piece of mind and satisfaction from the market, but the factors behind it – FOREX Specs. Thank you."

Sergej Matveev, Russia

"I have been trading on the FOREX for 2 years. I used to follow many signal providers. The first time I saw the site the signals guarantee immediately caught my eye. I thought about it for a while and decided that, since I have market experience, I could not go wrong in following the signals. I needed a reason why things happen to believe in myself and make money. Now I make it. I subscribe to the Standard Analysis Package, which is only for FOREX. It is worth it."

Victor Fuchs, Germany

"Yes, the analyses feature four currency pairs – not too few, not too many. This is what I can afford for now. I am sure that in the near future I will switch to the Specs Package. Thank you, boys! Keep it up!"

Coby Mathews, Australia

" Professional and accurate analyses – that is all I have to say. I think it is enough."

Andy Smith, Canada

" I mainly trade indexes and gold. I am long-term market player. I like the way in which the information is presented to me, especially the long-term signals regarding reversals of weekly and monthly trends. The accuracy is high, and the team’s help is beyond words."

Pavel Fojtik, Czech Republic

" I started subscribing to the Trail Analysis Package 3 months ago. In the beginning, I could not make any profit for a lack of knowledge, but I did not expect it to happen overnight. What I knew was that I wanted to keep going. And now I have been amassing money and knowledge for 3 months. Thank you very much."

Ahmed Madgy, Pakistan

" Easy-to-understand analyses for people who – unlike me – are not economists, but are interested in FOREX trading. Little by little, I am starting to understand, and now I try to trade among you."

Kamiko Kai, Japan

" It is a pleasure to read the analyses I receive. The way the system is integrated to make everything happen is unique. You deserve a lot of respect. I truly believe in you, and I am grateful for the time you spend on us – the customers."