Analysis service


Market analysis is the first service we offered our clients back in 2007. We learned a lot about what you need. For years, we kept perfecting the method and paving the way to make it happen. Analysis is your roadmap on the market – if you have it, you will find your way to the profits.

The method for accurate forecasts draws on the used types of analysis and the instruments they include. They allow us to look beyond the chart and to provide you the information in the easier, more understandable way.

  • Technical analysis: price action, patterns, indicators, Elliot waves, W.D. Gann methods
  • Fundamental analysis: leading indicators, economic news, speeches, correlations

Timing of analysis

Timing of the analysis, which covers several types of Forex, Commodity and Indexes trading – day trading, swing trading, position trading, is crucial. The various markets with the various trading styles give you the opportunity to have both a short-term and a long-term outlook on the markets and your profits. We are aware that, apart from analysis, you need market advice or a market recommendation. We have thought about that as well.

Your analyses give you the information and preconditions for the ongoing developments, the forecasts for the future profitable market movement. With their help, you receive the knowledge and confidence which in turn are the leading factor for being profitable.


Market analysis subscription provides many benefits. Some of them are related to perfecting your personality as a trader, you learn about new economic preconditions, you follow a ready-made market map.

  •  technical and fundamental market knowledge
  •  correct theory and practice by our analysis
  •  predictions for future market movements
  •  recommendations and advices for entries and exits
  •  profits up to 1100 pips per month